Crucial MX200 500GB Review

If you evaluate this drive on benchmarks alone, you may be mildly disappointed; that is if you are comparing it to the speedsters in the group like the Samsung and OCZ drives.  Wait? What? Did the MX200 fall short of the MX100?  Not sure how that one happened… However, the benchmarks for the MX100 and the MX200 are very close.  Both of the Crucial drives performed admirably in the benchies, but really steal the show when we start looking at either of the drive’s longevity.  I guess the old tale about The Tortoise and the Hare rings true.  Sometimes, it isn’t whether or not you can get out on the dance floor fast, it’s how long you can stay out there.  The MX200 can go all night!

Crucial-MX200-256 (11)

The MX200 brings an interesting software package along with it for the ride.  It isn’t chock full of interesting benchmarks, marketing speed gimmicks, ram drive options, or anything like that.  Instead, it tells you about your system, your drive, and the means to upgrade your firmware.  Kind of the way I like it…

When it is all said and done and the dust settles, the MX200 is an interesting subject.  The drive performs well enough in the benchmarks to make its way into a C.O.D. build, but delivers the type of endurance that we should be EXPECTING from an SSD.  Let’s face it, these drives are fast no matter how you look at it… but they should last too.  I applaud Crucial for guiding us along in the sold state platform by introducing us, yet again, to what should be expected of our high speed storage platforms.


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Performance - 7
Quality (Design & Build) - 9
Packaging & Extras - 7
Value - 8


An affordable drive with impressive longevity.

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