Embed Media in WordPress Without a Plugin

There are a lot of plugins running around that will let you embed videos and media into a post easily.  The funny part about this is that WordPress has had the functionality to handle this all by itself since version 2.9.  The functionality is powered by oEmbed and getting started is easy as pie.

All you need to do to embed something in one of your posts is to copy and paste the URL on its own line.  For example:

You have to watch this video from YouTube!


Wasn’t that great?

With that, WordPress will automatically embed the video into your post; providing you have Auto-embeds checked in Administration > Settings > Media on your WordPress site.

This will work with the following media services:

If your embed doesn’t work, and it is from one of the services above, you can try to manually embed the media using shortcode.  The shortcode for embedding is [ embed ]http://urltovideo.com/384iojslfij[/ embed ]

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