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Evercase ECE4252

There are endless options when shopping for a computer case. You can choose a steel or aluminum chassis in most any color out there. The only thing that governs what you get is the price. But for those of us who want a nice case for little cost there is hope, and you don’t have to settle for beige. Black cases are a great alternative and you can easily find accessories to match black rather than some off the wall color. Enter the Evercase ECE4252…

This case is constructed of steel with a black powder coated finish. The front is molded black plastic with silver accents. It comes with one fan mounted onto the main chassis and vents through the grille cut into the side panel. This is great for feeding your processor fan fresh cool outside air. The front bezel has air intake openings half way up on each side and on the bottom. I’m glad to see they suspended the lower bottom air intake off the floor so you can still utilize that opening even if the case is placed onto carpet. The front metal fan grille is a square grid type, which will leave a nice look if opened up with a Dremel tool. Also once you mount a 80mm fan you will still have room around the fan for extra air intake, just in case you have more intake than that fan can handle. The rear fan location is the same grid type and will look very clean if you open it up. Both the front USB and rear ATX connection areas have a nice printed decal that adds a finished look.

Evercase included a lot of screwless connections, which speeds up your build time. You can still use screws if you want it to be more rigid which helps if it’s mobile. The main side panel comes off easily once you depress both tabs. Only bad thing is that these tabs stick out about 1/2 inch beyond the rear of the case and can be easily bent. Two screws hold on the other side panel. Evercase did not include any form of depression to aid in pushing the panel back, so use a flat bladed screwdriver to save your fingers. The front panel has three plastic clips that once disengaged pulls away. And two screws hold the top panel on. To press the reset switch you’ll have to use something like an unfolded paper clip to press the tiny button in.


  • Screwless front panel and side door
  • Screwless slot cover holder
  • Screwless drive clips (upper 6 bays)
  • Detachable hard disk cages
  • Front USB, Audio & Firewire ports
  • Folded metal edges
  • Meets CE & FCC requirements


  • Weight: 25.1 lbs
  • Size: 7.5″ W x 19.3″ D x 16.8″ H
  • Power supply: ATX 12V Switching
  • Mainboard: Up to a 12″ x 9.6″ ATX
  • Drive space: 4-5.25″ Exposed, 2-3.5″ Exposed & 4-3.5″ Hidden
  • Ventilation: 1-8cm Fan Front, Rear & Left side

Optional parts not shown with this case:

  • Add-On Card Holder
  • HDD Shock Proof Kit (8/set)
  • Front USB/Audio/Firewire kit
  • Front USB/Audio kit

I would use this for my primary case. It looks great and has some great features that overcome some of the bad points. If you want to add a blowhole fan, you’ll have to remove a small pop riveted panel that is part of the chassis’ structural form. Current price is about $43. When compared to the equivalent Codegen or Foxconn cases, the Evercase wins hands down.

Manufacturers website: Click Here

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