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All the FireFox about: Pages

Have you ever wondered what lay under the fox in Firefox?  I have stumbled across articles here an there that helped me fix certain issues with Firefox by changing some settings in about:config.  If you are like me and were wondering what other about: pages there might be… here is a list.  Firefox version 30.0.

  • about: Shows the Firefox about
  • about:about – Shows all the about links.
  • about:accounts
  • about:addons – Shows all your installed addons, plugins, and themes.
  • about:app-manager – This tool will help you build and install web apps on compatible devices
  • about:blocked – Shows the malware protection page used when the browser identifies a page as not safe for viewing.
  • about:buildconfig – Shows the arguments and options used to compile the build in use
  • about:cache – Shows information about the Cache Service.
    • about:cache?device=memory – Shows individual entries in memory
    • about:cache?device=disk – Shows individual entries on disk
    • about:cache?device=offline – Shows individual entries for offline viewing
  • about:certerror – Shows the error page used when an SSL/TLS certificate is untrusted or otherwise invalid.
  • about:config – You can get in a lot of trouble here. Control many aspects of Firefox that aren’t available through the GUI
  • about:crashes – Find your Firefox crash reports here
  • about:credits – Shows a list of all the contributors to Mozilla
  • about:customizing – Customize Firefox.
  • about:downloads – Shows your downloads
  • about:feeds – Shows the page used when clicking the rss feed icon in the address bar.
  • about:healthreport – Get insights and performance information about your version of Firefox
  • about:home – Home page
  • about:license – All licensing for Firefox
  • about:logo – Shows the Firefox Logo
  • about:memory – Shows memory usage for Firefox. You can clean up memory usage here too.
  • about:mozilla – The twins of Mammon quarrelled. Their warring plunged the world into a new darkness
  • about:neterror – Oops! Shows the page displayed when Firefox experiences a network error.
  • about:networking – Network Monitor
  • about:newtab – Opens a new tab, shows the grid of pins sites and frequently visited sites.
  • about:permissions – Shows the permissions for site, like store passwords, block locations, allow cookies, etc.
  • about:plugins – Shows your installed and enabled plugins
  • about:preferences – Shows the preference configuration screen
  • about:privatebrowsing – asks if you would like to open a private browsing window
  • about:rights – These are your rights with regards to Firefox
  • about:robots – We have come to visit you in peace and with goodwill!
  • about:sessionrestore – Shows the session restore page that is displayed after a Firefox crash
  • about:support – Page contains technical information that might be useful when you’re trying to solve a problem.
  • about:sync-log – Shows a log of sync errors
  • about:sync-progress – Shows the page for Sync is now complete
  • about:sync-tabs – Tabs from other devices
  • about:telemetry – This page shows the information about performance, hardware, usage and customizations collected by Telemetry. This information is submitted to Mozilla to help improve Mozilla Firefox.
  • about:webrtcWeb Real-Time Communication
  • about:welcomeback – Shows the page Firefox successfully reset your profile.

If I missed anything, please let me know in the comments below.

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