Fixed: Windows Home Server Could Not Find an Installed Website Gateway Provider

In my efforts to keep my production server separate from these articles I write here on C.O.D., I have implemented a test server.  With that said, this box is my playpen.  During the initial configuration, I was prompted with a mysterious error while trying to configure the box for remote access. The error comes in a dialogue box and displays the confusing error: Windows Home Server Could Not Find an Installed Website Gateway Provider.

I tried everything I could think of to figure out this error and with my knowledge exhausted I consulted Google, bing, Ask, and Yahoo to no avail.  I only found a post on about a user that was experiencing the same issue. Luckily, I have experienced some crazy issues in the past, so I decided to start with the obvious things.  I updated the drivers, flashed firmware, uninstalled IE 8, and.. nothing.

My remorse lies in the fact that my initial installation goes the way I have learned to avoid.  The issue simply lies in doing all updates prior to setting your Website configurations in WHS. I also recommend not installing IE8 at any point until your home server is fully configured and stable if you choose to install it all. To fix it? I reinstalled WHS and configured everything before doing any updates.  I also, didn’t install IE8.

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