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ineo SSD/HDD Docking Station

In contrast, cloning on the SATDOCK22RE is a bit easier

  1. Connect the external power adapter to the hard drive dock.
  2. Install 2 hard drives into the dock. Make sure to place the drive with the data you want copied (Source) into the “Source” bay. The disk to receive the data (Destination) should be equal or larger in capacity than the source disk.
  3. Power on the hard drive dock by pressing the power button.
  4. The Mode button LED should be red to indicate Duplicator Mode. Press and hold the Mode button for 3 seconds to switch modes if necessary.
  5. Once both drives are installed, press the Start button to begin duplication. The progress bar will indicate how much of the duplication is complete. Once complete, the entire bar will be lit solid.

In testing, the speed of cloning was close enough to not anoint a clear winner, within a minute of each other. Although there is no real clear-cut winner as far as speeds are concerned, the cloning process is easier on the StarTech SATDOCK22RE.

Although the cloning process can be a bit cumbersome, if you are looking for a speedy docking station the I-NA321U+ may fit the bill. The build is very nice with its aluminum chassis, and USB 3.0 speed is something I don’t think I can live without. Coming in at roughly the same price as one another (65-80 USD) it may be a more difficult decision for you. If you transfer more than you clone, ineo. If you clone more than you transfer, StarTech.

Overall, I cannot say that I am either dissapointed by or entusiastic about the I-NA321U+. It seems to be a product that just is… Bottom line, should you buy one? Answer the question asked above. For me… I have no use for a standalone docking station; I need a duplicator.

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