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Jackson Armor Card


What if I told you I could make your PC “crash-proof”, would you believe me? Well, that’s just what Jackson Backup is touting with their Armor Card. Now, that’s not to say your PC won’t lockup as most running Windows are prone to do. But, you don’t have to worry about a system crash. Go ahead, make whatever changes you want. Change the icons, themes, wallpapers, system files, etc. Reboot and all changes are undone. Format the hdd with a floppy? No problem, reboot and all changes are undone. Get the idea.



  • Data backup and recovery
  • PC repair
  • Network and telephone installation
  • Web site design/marketing – Pay per click
  • Paperless office/document scanning
  • File management
  • Dictation
  • Online file collaboration

While they provide a multitude of services, data storage and recovery are their specialty. They are a member of the BBB as well as being compliant with HIPPA, SarbOx, ISO 17799 (section 11) and Graham-Leach-Bliley; which ought to please any CIO(Chief Information Officer). Having been in the business for over 10 years, they have good knowledge of what it takes to make a system secure and stable. We’ll see just how well that translates to the real world.


What exactly are the features of the Armor card? Well, according to JB they are:

  • Instant protection – The moment you install the card and reboot your PC, you are being protected.
  • Easy installation – The only hardware knowledge that is required from the customer is the ability to remove the side panel and install a PCI card, provided you have an empty slot.
  • Integrated software – Once installed, the card protects against and prevents the destruction of critical data by any software means be it user inflicted or otherwise.
  • Automatic recognition of your bootable partition – There is no need to reformat to install the card. It supports up to 8 partitions. It also supports multi-boots and third party boots.
  • Data protection is configurable – You can set auto-restore intervals such as daily, weekly, etc. You can protect the whole drive or just specific data.
  • User select recovery modes – You can select auto, manual or interval recovery and modifications can only be made from the admin, with a password.
  • CMOS/BIOS protection – A warning message will be given if any changes to CMOS are made.
  • Virus protection – Again, if you happen to get infected by a virus simply reboot and it’s gone.
  • Minimum hdd space required – The Armor card requires only 5% of hdd space.
  • OS support – Windows 9x/Me, NT/2000, XP and Linux
  • Supported file formats – BIGDOS, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS.
  • Supported hdd – SCSI, EIDE and IDE; ATA33, ATA66, ATA100 and SATA.
  • Quick recovery/stable system – It’s all as simple as a reboot and uninstallation is also quick. Just remove the card and viola.

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