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Lian Li PC-65B Plus Edition

I am going to take us back to a time when Lian Li’s looked like Lian Li’s, except we are going to add a little shimmer to the subject. Enter the Lian Li PC-65B – PLUS EDITION. I know you are saying to yourself right now, “The PC-65B, what’s so special about that?”

There are only a couple of things that set this case apart from the, dare I say, old PC-65B.
These Are:

  • Dual temp sensor mounted in 3.5 drive bay.
  • Fan control switch mounted externally on the front of the case (controls front two fans only).
  • The ability to increase the number of fan mounts to 6!

The fan adjustment on the front of the case is a welcome addition to those of us who have become familiar with removing the front bezel, which I might add is EXTREMELY easy, and adjusting the fan speeds to Low, Medium, or High. Although, it seems that many of us always seem to leave them on the high setting regardless. This is also beneficial to the longevity of the bezel standoffs (made of plastic).

The addition of the LCD panel up front is also an ingenious little feature for those of us who are anal about temps. The sensors for these stretch a comfortable distance. Now, not only can we monitor our over clocked CPU in style, but we can also keep an eye on our steaming GPU running at warranty voiding speeds.

The side window is riveted in place by solid aluminum clamp plates. The rivets are steel in color, and do not add to the overall aesthetic of the case. It would be much more inviting if these rivets were black in color, this way less attention would be drawn to them, although it wouldn’t be too hard to grab a black Sharpie or some model paint and change the color of them.

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