QNAP TS-470 Review

If you are hunting around for your next (or first) NAS, you have plenty to pick from. With countless options, NAS makers are hard at work trying to ramp up their products and are jockeying for the number 1 spot on your short list. It seems like only yesterday that QNAP had introduced their X69(L) lineup and already we are being greeted by a more powerful X70 lineup. For the last few months, we have been putting QNAP’s TS-470 to work in our office… the real question is, is it deserving of your hard-earned money?

With upgraded hardware and a few new tricks up its sleeve, it may be high time you started to consider an upgrade. So, when QNAP packed a bunch of new features and hardware into the same frame and slapped a +1 on the title. What do you get? A shiny new NAS with some very nice specs.

QNAP-TS-470 (2) QNAP-TS-470 (1)

This new big brother on the block sports a Dual-Core Intel 2.6 GHz Processor (Intel Celeron G550), it now has 2GB of RAM, and there are now a total of 4 Ethernet ports available to you straight out of the box.  Upgrade easily to 10GBE support with an optional QNAP card if it strikes your fancy!

QNAP-TS-470 (17)

Similar to the other NAS in the QNAP portfolio, this NAS benefits from the same QNAP firmware, QTS 4. QTS 4 is jam-packed with features and easy to navigate. Right out of the box you get: FTP Server, File Server, Backup Center, Web Server, Radius Server, Syslog Server, Printer Server, Surveillance Station, VPN Server, LDAP Server, Proxy Server, Music Station, Photo Station, Video Station, DJ Station, Cloud Access via MyCloudNAS, Mobile Applications, and Much More. Enhancing the already functional NAS is easy with QNAP QPKGs.

QNAP-TS-470 (18)

New with the TS-470 is the expansion system. This NAS supports online capacity expansion by connecting multiple QNAP RAID expansion enclosures to meet the needs of growing business data. With the QNAP scale-up solution, raw storage capacity can be expanded to hundreds of Terabytes gradually. It is especially useful for large data applications, such as data archiving, virtualization, TV broadcast storage, surveillance video storage, and HUGE movie libraries!

The maximum raw storage capacity available by connecting RAID expansion enclosures:

Turbo NAS Model RAID Expansion Enclosure No. of RAID Expansion Enclosures Total HDD No.
(NAS + Enclosures)
Max. Raw Capacity (TB)
TS-470 REXP-1600U-RP 2 36 180
1 20 100
REXP-1200U-RP 2 28 140
1 16 80

QNAP-TS-470 (15)

QNAP’s new Intelligent Storage Manager provides a secure and flexible way to manage volumes with features like storage pooling, thin provisioning with space reclaim, block-level iSCSI LUN, and online capacity expansion. Everything is presented to you neatly and efficiently; making management a straight forward and oddly enjoyable experience. Speeding things up with SSD caching is now possible; boosting IOPS and operational efficiency for those with disk thrashing needs.

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