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QNAP Turbo NAS Firmware 3.5

Recently at C.O.D., we reviewed the QNAP TS-419P+ and were impressed with the products construction and software options.  There were a couple of things that we would have liked to have seen incorporated in the system’s firmware like Anti Virus and a redesigned interface.  Well, QNAP is releasing an update to the Turbo NAS firmware and have incremented the version number to 3.5!

With highly-anticipated Mac® OS X Lion compatibility, productivity-improving LDAP integration, security-enhanced antivirus support, and many more features that simplify daily operations in businesses, the Turbo NAS firmware 3.5 has taken one big step forward of NAS system operation.

Download Link: QNAP 3.5.0 (TS-419P+)

Turbo NAS Firmware 3.5

Mac OS X Lion Compatible

Mac® users that have upgraded to the new OS X Lion operating system can seamlessly store and share files on their Turbo NAS, and back up data to the NAS using Time Machine.

LDAP Directory Service

Integrating the Turbo NAS into networks that have deployed an LDAP-based directory service such as OpenLDAP or Apple Open Directory is now effortless with QNAP’s new LDAP protocol support. This greatly simplifies the efforts of managing a large amount of user accounts and brings equivalent convenience that is available for Windows ADS environments.

Syslog Server

A central repository of log data from various network devices allows efficient management and security auditing in businesses. QNAP Syslog server support allows the IT administrator to effectively collect and store logs of other network devices in the Turbo NAS.


While NAS servers provide users with cross-platform sharing, virus-infected files in a mixed environment could cause substantial damage. The integrated antivirus solution for the Turbo NAS ensures business continuity by offering detection against the latest viruses, malware, worms, and Trojans.

iSCSI LUN Snapshot/Backup

Without a doubt, server virtualization reduces IT expenditure yet provides flexible server management. Adopting a proper data protection and disaster recovery for virtual machines has become vastly important. The Turbo NAS has taken iSCSI LUN backup/restore to a whole new level with snapshot technology.

Service Binding

A NAS server is designed to provide daily data access by a certain amount of users. Protecting important contents in the NAS from unauthorized access is crucial for businesses. QNAP’s service binding feature provides an ideal solution for the IT administrator to allow or block specific services from predefined network interfaces.


QNAP RADIUS server centralizes and consolidates user authentication by maintaining a list of user accounts that are authorized for remote network access through dial-up equipment, Wi-Fi access point, or VPN connections. The IT administrator can easily apply access policies to multiple access points for a fine-grained control of network access.

MyCloudNAS 1.1

MyCloudNAS is a feature that simplifies the steps of publishing the Turbo NAS contents over the Internet, creating a personal cloud. The new MyCloudNAS 1.1 provides enhanced security options to only allow authorized persons to access the Turbo NAS.

Windows Live Messenger Notifications

The NAS server that talks! The Turbo NAS now sends out instant notifications via Windows® Live Messenger when critical events occur. The IT administrator can grasp first hand system status to ensure continuous smooth operation.

External Drive Encryption

An external drive attached to the Turbo NAS means easy removal. The important data on the drive needs a solution to protect the data against theft. The Turbo NAS now supports encrypting contents in the external drive.

TFTP Server

TFTP server simplifies network configuration management for firmware upgrades, deployment or backup of configurations from various network devices such as routers and switches.

Enhanced External Drive Backup

QNAP’s external hard drive backup now supports multiple backup tasks, email notifications, and scheduling, giving the IT administrator more flexibility to arrange data backup.

Camera & Router Additions

More than 50 IP cameras have been added in the Surveillance Station for a wider range of camera choices. 10 new routers are now officially supported for auto-router configuration.

External Drive Encryption

Download Link: QNAP 3.5.0 (TS-419P+)

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