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pivos AIOS HD Media Center Review

Ultimately, what you have here is a capable Media Center device that delivers an enjoyable media experience.  Using the internal hard drive proves to be a more functional experience, but the AIOS is a capable streaming devices as well.  There are a number of retailers selling the AIOS at or near $80.00 making it an affordable one.  Competitively, it is less expensive than the brick and mortar available WDTV Live at $99.99 (BestBuy) that provides a similar multimedia experience.  However, the WDTV Live sports a far less capable remote control, fewer connectivity options, and the $99 version cannot accommodate an internal HDD.

The AIOS also has a larger following than one would expect.  There are 3rd party (Xtreamer) and semi official firmware options for owners that expand the functionality of the AIOS making it very attractive at its current price point. The support forums are also flooded with people ready and willing to help you should you encounter an issue or need clarification on something.  A Mods & Hacks section as well as an AIOS Guides & Tips section can help you in expanding the capabilities of the stock firmware and show you how to run applications like Transmission and Midnight Commander.

The bottom line… Pivos has positioned the AIOS very well.  This is a very capable media device already and by supporting the community around it instead of ostracizing them, they have made this a very functional device with plenty of options.  If you are looking for a Multimedia device to handle your multimedia collection, the AIOS can definitely accommodate you.  Pricing the device under the $100.00 USD mark makes it a hard to pass over.

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