Rocketfish Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse: RF-BTCMBO2


The mouse may feel a bit cumbersome and cheap at first but that fades quickly once you remember how much you paid for the set. The tracking on the mouse is more than adequate and has a bit of functionality built in. The mouse features navigation buttons for web browsing and the tilt wheel mouse is a nice touch. However, the previous version of this set featured a much better mouse that included the play / pause, rewind, fast forward, stop buttons adding a much better multimedia experience. The mouse also uses two AA batteries.

  1. Left Mouse Button
  2. Forward Button (web browser)
  3. Back Button (web browser)
  4. Right Mouse Button
  5. Tilt/scroll Wheel
  6. LED Indicator

Nano Bluetooth Adapter

The Bluetooth adapter provided with this set is perfectly designed for your Multimedia PC. The Nano Adapter is barely larger than the size of the USB interface it uses. This allows you to install it in the front of your machine without worrying about someone brushing by it and breaking it.

The included installation software was a breeze to setup but gives you that cheap feeling. However, once installed all your Stack features (extra feature buttons) just seem to work the way they are supposed to. Pairing the set with the Nano adapter proved to be a non stressful experience and left me wishing that more products gave me this type of experience. The drivers installed without hiccup in Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit environments. To add an extra layer of icing, the batteries last a good period too. Mine have been going strong for 6 months now… granted, I don’t use it EVERY DAY but I use it at least 3 days a week.

At a price point of $69.99 for the set, this simply cannot be beat. Other companies offer similar product sets but all seem to be nearly double the price of the Rocketfish Combo. I would have to say that this is one of the best products for the price. Bottom line… would I buy one? Let’s put it this way; I have 3 HTPC’s in my house… ALL OF THEM have this Rocketfish Combo attached.

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