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SilverStone FT05 Review

The FT05 has as an extremely clean exterior design.  The face of the chassis is void of flare and has just enough to make it special.  The only element to be found is a rubber guard that exposes your slot loading optical drive (remove when installing).

SilverStone-FT05 (13)

Each side of the case follows the same philosophy.  Clean and clear.  One side panel features a window for PC viewing pleasure and both side panels are outfitted with the same sound dampening foam as the rest of the case.  Neither of these panels are held in place with screws.  Instead, they both sport latching quick release mechanisms that are very solid and easy to release.  In case you forget which side goes where, they are Marked… R for right and L, you get the point.

SilverStone-FT05 (17)

 SilverStone-FT05-(22) SilverStone-FT05-(23)


Don’t expect to see much around back… remember, everything is flipped on its side in the FT05.  Instead, all you will find is a hole for cable routing and an intake for your PSU fan.  To keep dust to a minimum, SilverStone provides you with a magnetic fan filter that fits perfectly here.

SilverStone-FT05 (12)

SilverStone-FT05 (2)

SilverStone-FT05 (9)

The bottom of the case is home to two very large intake fans protected by an equally large removable dust filter.  The massive bottom fans can be removed and replaced with smaller fans or can be replaced altogether with a radiator.  The fan mounting at the bottom of the case can home 2 x 1800mm fans, 3 x 120mm fans, or 2 x 140mm fans.  The dust filter doesn’t simply slide out.  Instead, it is held in place by a series of magnets.  Unfortunately, this means that you will likely be required to use hands from both sides of the case to remove, clean, and reinstall.

SilverStone-FT05 (7)

Alright, saved the best… and most confusing for last.  The top.  First thing I noticed when I looked at the top of the case is how neatly everything fits together.  The top of the case, as you might have guessed, is home to all connectivity.  The issue with connectivity is that it is usually a messy affair.  SilverStone didn’t leave this exposed and created a spacious and well camouflaged space.  Connectivity is accessed by sliding back a plastic panel. This top panel is open by design to allow plenty of unobstructed air to be exhausted.

Once removed, the expansion slots, the PSU, two very large and sturdy handles for transporting your rig back and forth from a lan party easily, and motherboard connectivity are exposed.



SilverStone also outfitted the FT05 with a spring assisted front panel I/O cover.  Once flipped open, you find two USB 3.0 ports, fan controls for the two massive bottom mounted fans (Low and High settings), and connections for audio.  The Power and Reset buttons are placed on either side and fit flush with the top of the case.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. External Features
  3. Internal Features
  4. Final Thoughts

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