SilverStone GD06 Review

There is no doubt that the HTPC enthusiast has some options when looking for a chassis to fill the void in their entertainment center. It seems like so many of the options are either too small, too big, to ugly, or too expensive. With that in mind, SilverStone has stepped up their game. SilverStone is no slouch when it comes to manufacturing high quality computer components and with the introduction of the GD06, the company is trying to shake up the HTPC chassis market a bit.

SilverStone has produced a wide variety of HTPC cases to date, ranging from the GD05 to the luxurious GD02MT and just about everything in between. Their aim with the GD06 was to design an HTPC chassis that builds on the positives from their other products while keeping the price point affordable for those of us that either have someone to answer to… or a budget.

The GD06 features goodies like three 120 mm cooling fans (with room for two additional 80mm fans in the rear) with removable filters for impressive cooling while maintaining a quiet operation, room for four 3.5in hard drives, two front USB 3.0 ports, a front headphone and microphone jack, Micro-ATX, DTX, Mini-ITX motherboard support, it supports a full size PSU, and best of all; it measures 440 mm (W) x 150 mm (H) x 340 mm (D) so you maintain the ability to use full height video cards.

Up front, the GD06 shows its elegant side by hiding all your components behind a sleek aluminum panel. With the panel closed, only the key lock and the Power LED / HDD LED indicator can be seen. With a simple push at the bottom of the panel, you are greeted by your USB 3.0 ports, your audio connections, a reset button, 2 hot swap drive bays and the 5.25 inch drive bay. Unfortunately, the front bezel is not fashioned from the same aluminum material as the panel door, but I can let that slide with the inclusion of the HDD hot swap bays.

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