Spire SP741B3-U DiamondCool II

So you think you have it all figured out. You bought your AMD 64 and you have your system all rigged up. You are playing your games, checking your email, surfing the net, and doing your “thing” without any consideration for what is in store for you. It’s nice and cool out, the heat hasn’t really struck yet and keeping your processor cool is the last thing on your mind. These days it seems like people are very interested in companies that think outside the box. Today, we will be looking at a heatsink designed for the box! Spire thinks they have a product here that will steal your stock heatsink’s position in your system. Enter the Spire SP741B3-U DiamondCool II.

Heatsinks are a crazy bunch of products… just like any other product in the industry, each item has its genre. Some products are designed for the enthusiast, some are for the overclocker, some for the normal user, and some are designed for the fat wallet. This one will not take a huge chunk of change out of your pocket, but it will make an impression on it. Let’s see if it stands up to its $36.00 (estimated) street value. Remember, the stock heatsink is free when you buy your RETAIL processor.

Packaged in the box is the heatsink, the instructions, an aluminum mounting plate, and some Stars-420 white grease in an injection tube. When I am conducting heatsink reviews, I make it standard practice to test them with whatever compound they are provided with. If the company wants to go the extra mile and test with some good stuff, they get the good stuff. If a company wants to save a little money and ship standard stuff, they get tested with the standard stuff.

I love getting aquatinted with new products, and nothing fascinates me more than a big fat piece of copper. Well, that isn’t totally true, but for the moment it is. This thing sports a big fat piece of copper, 4 heat pipes, a 90 mm UV reactive spider fan that pushes 41.15 CFM at 2400 RPM, and 55 stamped micro fins! The only thing missing is a centerfold poster of the latest FX processor! BTW, if you are reading this and you quickly look up at your centerfold poster of an FX processor, seek help!

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