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Streaming Music from WHS with Subsonic

Now that you have the software installed, there are a few configurations outside of the admin pages that you must make changes to before Subsonic will properly function.

Change the default port for Subsonic as the default port 80 is used by your home server web page.  I chose to change mine to 8080 as most companies have this port open on their network. After you click Save, you will be prompted to restart the Subsonic Service and can accomplish this by clicking the status tab and simply clicking stop and then start.




Add Subsonic to your Windows Firewall. You can access the firewall configuration by opening the Windows Firewall application in your control pane.

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Subsonic and select “subsonic-service.exe” Click OK a few times and you now have allowed Subsonic as an exception in your Windows Firewall.


The only outside configuration you need to complete now is forwarding the ports in your router.

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