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Buffalo TeraStation 5400 Review

When it comes to storage, there are always those names you hear more often than others. No matter where I go, or what company I visit, there is always a Buffalo NAS being used. Buffalo has made a name for themselves with reliable network storage and because of this, their name is usually at or near the top when an organization is looking for network storage. However, in the current state of "throw everything and the kitchen sink at it" NAS market, can they keep up? Buffalo is the brand, and the TeraStation 5400 is the subject.

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LaCie 5big NAS Pro Review

Lately, our favorite NAS manufacturers have been hard at work trying to introduce new and exciting products to the market; LaCie is no exception. With their introduction of the LaCie 5big NAS Pro, they are bringing together an affordable storage solution with a hybrid cloud approach to address the demand for high availability cloud storage along side traditional premise based storage. LaCie claims that the 5big NAS Pro is the "go-to" solution for small business network storage needs... let's see how they fare.

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ASUSTOR AS-608T Review

Storage today has never looked better. The days of loud rackmount servers and complicated operating systems is nearly gone. Today's storage is compact and inviting and the hardware has shifted to smaller systems that house tons of storage. The operating systems have transitioned from expensive name brand products or complicated command line administration to simple web based administration that nearly anyone can use. To keep the market transformation alive, manufacturers need to satisfy our data demand as well as our need for quick and easy administration. Asustor thinks they can deliver on both fronts with the AS-608T, their newest 8 bay NAS with an intuitive IOS-like administration.

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Thecus N5550 Review

The world of the home server and the home based NAS really hasn't changed drastically over the last couple of years. Most of the changes we have seen are related to speeds and basic firmware enhancements. Recently, Thecus has announced its N5550 NAS and plans to shake things up by bringing the NAS out of the home office and into the living room. The N5550, by day, is your mild-mannered NAS. However, by night, the N5550 is more... much more!

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LaCie 2big NAS Review

Let's face it, the world of storage has changed dramatically over the last few years. The increasing size of media has brought new need to the market and those needs are no longer being filled by CD's, DVD's, or external hard drives anymore. The limitations behind such media in a connected world have brought about a storage revolution of sorts. It is now commonplace for consumers to purchase the once business oriented NAS to supply media, data, and perform backups for the various devices we now have in our homes. There is no shortage of choices when trying to find a NAS, but some are better for users and some are better for power users. LaCie thinks they have the perfect NAS for someone that doesn't want to be bothered with tedious configurations and confusing setups. Enter the LaCie 2big NAS, a two bay NAS that promises to deliver on performance without sacrificing simplicity.

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