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C.O.D. MP3 Test

For testing the multimeda transfer speed of the NAS, we use the same method for the avatar test and create two hundred MP3′s and specific file sizes for repeatable results.  The files are copied from the workstation to the NAS and back 5 times.  We pipe the transfer speeds during the benchmark to a .csv file for charting.

ManufacturerModelRAIDForm FactorCopy To NAS (MB/s)Copy From NAS (MB/s)
ThecusN5550RAID 55-Bay85.6098.71
C.O.D.CODNASRAID 510-Bay80.4974.88
QNAPTS-879 ProRAID 58-Bay80.2569.17
ThecusN5200XXXRAID 55-Bay78.1767.07
QNAPTS-269 ProRAID 02-Bay77.3957.00
AsustorAS-5008TRAID 58-Bay73.5857.50
ThecusN2650RAID 12-Bay73.5257.61
QNAPTS-669PRORAID 56-Bay73.0531.78
QNAPTS-470RAID 54-Bay71.8158.78
C.O.D.CODNAS-206RAID 56-Bay71.5569.82
QNAPTVS-863+RAID 58-Bay71.2772.94
ThecusN7510RAID 57-Bay70.6263.37
QNAPTS-559 Pro IIRAID 55-Bay70.5352.56
AsustorAS-3102TRAID 02-Bay69.9671.24
LaCie5big NAS Pro
LaCie5big NAS ProRAID 55-Bay67.9167.04
QNAPTS-269 ProRAID 12-Bay67.1654.93
AsustorAS-608TRAID 58-Bay66.5256.82
ThecusN2650RAID 02-Bay65.2459.00
BuffaloTS5400DRAID 54-Bay62.2948.84
AsustorAS-302TRAID 02-Bay61.0965.62
AsustorAS-302TRAID 12-Bay56.7356.53
AsustorAS-3102TRAID 12-Bay56.2871.04
QNAPTS-451RAID 54-Bay53.5848.16
AsustorAS-204TERAID 54-Bay51.3941.65
ThecusN2310RAID 12-Bay49.7650.91
LaCie5big NAS ProSimplyRAID5-Bay49.0976.94
ThecusN2310RAID 02-Bay48.9352.42
BuffaloWS5400DR2RAID 54-Bay48.7249.70
LaCie2big NASRAID 02-Bay45.0745.04
ThecusN4310RAID 54-Bay35.2355.60
LaCie2big NASRAID 12-Bay34.1344.45
ThecusW5000RAID 55-Bay31.8337.29
DroboFSBeyond RAID5-Bay8.768.24
QNAPTS-879U-RPRAID 58-Bay0.000.00
ThecusN4200PRORAID 54-Bay0.000.00
C.O.D.ServerRAID 55-Bay0.000.00
QNAPTS-419P+RAID 54-Bay0.000.00