Thecus N4200PRO Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to look at two NAS devices from two different manufacturers, QNAP and Drobo. Both devices received high praise and Thecus thinks that their N4200PRO can steal the thunder. NAS storage is nothing new and it is becoming harder and harder for manufacturers to differentiate themselves from one another. Thecus thinks they can not only outperform the competition, but do things they haven’t thought of yet.

If you don’t know what a NAS is hit the net and do some research, or view our QNAP TS-419P+ Review for an introduction. If you do know what a NAS is and you are looking for one… pay attention. Thecus has done something that others have not done with their entry-level NAS. Outside of the typical RAID support and doing nearly everything under the sun, the N4200PRO is outfitted with an internal UPS to ensure your data is protected when the power cuts off abruptly.


If you are a hardware geek, take a look at what Thecus has equipped the N4200PRO with. You get a snappy Intel Atom D525 Processor working at 1.86GHz (Dual Core), 1GB of DDRIII RAM, Dual DOM support, support for up to 4 hot swappable hard drives, 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, 6 USB 2.0 Ports (2 in the front and 4 in the back), 2 eSATA ports, a backlit LCD screen, a cooling fan, and packs a Mini-UPS for clean shutdowns during a power outage.


The N4200PRO’s styling reminds me of Tony Manero, it is a throwback to gaudy LCD back lit indicators and shiny plastics. The OLED screen is a nice touch, is capable of showing some simple graphics, and offers up all the important information you would need at any given time including: WAN IP, link status, health status, and a nice little advertisement stating “Storage leader Thecus”. I wouldn’t mind if Thecus decided to change the color from lemon yellow to something a little softer, but it isn’t nauseating either. The arrow buttons directly below the OLED screen allow you to scroll through some functions and information bits. The Enter button, if long pressed, allows you to configure your N4200PRO.

  • Wan Setting
  • Lan Setting
  • Link Aggregation
  • USB Copy
  • Change Admin Password
  • Change Language
  • Reset to default
  • Alarm Mute

The removable hard drive trays are very well built and have an industrial look to them. They are constructed of high quality materials and are able to accommodate 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch drives. The aluminum latch has a lock to keep sticky fingers from yanking your drives and the right side of the tray sports power and activity LED’s. Each of these trays sits behind a plastic door reinforced with a perforated aluminum accent that actually helps to reinforce the front door.

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