Why Verizon Customers will love WHS

There has been great anticipation for Verizon Wireless customers to have an iPhone competitor in their pocket.  With the release of DROID, they will have a new love for WHS as well.  The DROID phone runs Google’s Android OS and with the new release of SubSonic, they now have an app that can stream music to your phone… for free.  Still waiting on iPhone support.

Version 3.8  of Subsonic has added:

  • New: Implemented Subsonic client for Android phones.
  • New: (Android) Downloaded songs can now be played directly from the Subsonic app.
  • New: (Android) New feature: Download + Play.
  • New: (Android) New feature: Search.
  • New: (Android) New feature: Load playlist.
  • New: (Android) New feature: Delete from phone.
  • New: (Android) New feature: Check for software update.
  • New: (Android) Nicer song listing.
  • New: (Android) More informative error message when not connected.
  • New: (Android) Show artist shortcuts.

For installation instructions to install SubSonic on WHS (applies to other OS’s as well): Click Here

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