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Windows 7 Upgrade hangs at 62%

My Windows woes continue.  This time around, I have been trying to upgrade my Laptop running Windows Vista to Windows 7 Professional.  After initiating the upgrade process it would stall at 62% and give no indication as to what would cause the issue.  Well, after a bunch of research and much less hair, I have an answer for you. 

The cause of the issue can be traced to the Iphlpsvc service not responding during the upgrade.  To verify that this fix will work for you, check the Seupact.log file for the following:

Warning [0x080b50] MIG AsyncCallback_ApplyStatus: Progress appears to be stuck. Current progress: 62

  • To open the setupact.log file during the upgrade process, press SHIFT+F10 to open a command prompt, type C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther\setupact.log, and then press ENTER.
  • To open the setupact.log file after the computer rolls back to Windows Vista, click Start, type C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther\setupact.log in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.

To resolve this problem yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Restart the computer. Then, your computer will roll back to Windows Vista.
  2. Click Start, right-click Computer, and then click Properties.
  3. On the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.
  4. Under System variables, click New.
  5. Type MIG_UPGRADE_IGNORE_PLUGINS in the Variable name field.
  6. Type IphlpsvcMigPlugin.dll in the Variable value field.
  7. Click OK three times to close the dialog boxes.
  8. Start the upgrade installation again.

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  1. "Upgrading works when you don’t have time." Well it doesn't really. "upgrading" never produces the result a clean install would. The result is more times than not very unsatisfactory. Plus "upgrading" from vista to win7 takes an age anyway. So if you had enough time to sit through all that you would have been better off backing up your data and doing a clean install. The result would be much better.

    • The end result was a format and a clean install. Typically, this is what I recommend that people do. In this instant, I was just going to save some time and ended up formatting anyway.

  2. Dude, just clean the disk. There is probably an oil residue on it! Go watch the "build a PC" video on the Tested.com website. Lloyd Case helps them during the OS install when it hangs. His immediate response was clean the disk with dishsoap and water.

  3. Another possible way is to do a full install with keeping the windows made directories.
    You can quickly move all personal files to my docs for example and not lose anything… or just keep all files there. That's all I do anymore. Works perfect.

  4. Why on earth would someone running a computing website perform an upgrade install, especially from Vista? Wipe your drive and install a fresh copy of Windows 7 you hack.

    • Typically I do, I just didn't want to spend the time backing everything up. Lots of data, apps, etc. As you might have assumed, there are a lot of pc's in my lab, 11 and 3 servers. Wiping, installing, re-installing, it's a pain in the ass. Upgrading works when you don't have time. Unfortunately, sometimes it's more of a headache. Also, because I write for this site, I try to find issues and resolutions for them for our readers.

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