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How to Uninstall an Outlook Add-in


So, after hitting issues left and right, solving them and posting them on various sites including this one. I had gone dry for a while, there were no issues… I thought to myself “This is too good to be true;” sure enough, it was. However, this is only a minor inconvenience, but one that requires solving none the less. Read More »

Olympus DM-20 Digital Voice Recorder/Music Player/Data Storage


Introduction While Olympus is well known for its quality line of film and digital cameras, less is known about their other products. One that I will be looking at today is the DM-20. It’s billed mainly as a digital voice recorder, but triples it’s functionality by incorporating a music player and USB data storage device into its duties. It’s sleek, ... Read More »

Why Verizon Customers will love WHS


There has been great anticipation for Verizon Wireless customers to have an iPhone competitor in their pocket.  With the release of DROID, they will have a new love for WHS as well.  The DROID phone runs Google’s Android OS and with the new release of SubSonic, they now have an app that can stream music to your phone… for free.  ... Read More »

Access a command prompt in VMware ESXi


I can’t tell you the reason you may need to access a command prompt on VMware ESXi, but I can tell you that I had issues with a vm and needed to manually delete it from disk.  This process couldn’t be done for me from the VI Client, so I did so through the command line. Read More »

Zalman Z-MACHINE GT1000


Having been a longstanding fan and avid user of the Lian Li line of computer chassis; I find that it is difficult to be absolutely wow'ed by another manufacturer's attempt to overthrow the chassis king. Zalman is not new to the game, having been in business since 1999; they have manufactured products in a slew of different genres starting with quiet computing and traveling into the ridiculously priced. The GT1000 is not a bargain basement chassis but is it worth the $380.00 Price tag? Read More »

How to turn of UAC in Windows


Windows Vista has a lot of things that bother a lot of people.  I, however, don’t mind some of the things that bother other people.  Vista has a feature called UAC (User Account Control) enabled by default.  The purpose behind this utility starts many applications in a restricted shell, offering the user a reprieve from apps that he or she ... Read More »

Eagle Consus ET-CSMDSU2-BK Dual Bay Enclosure with OTB


Eagle is a company that I am fast becoming a fan of. They are consistently releasing practical affordable solutions to some of the needs I have been faced with lately. I can already hear it... can you? It's saying, what sets this enclosure apart from the THOUSANDS of others out there? Simple, its made by Eagle... AND, it is DUAL BAY! Read More »

How to Perform a Dell System Restore


There are times when simply doing a Windows restore isn’t enough; you also may not have been provided with any operating system / restore CD’s or DVD’s for your Dell computer.  Luckily for you, Dell places restore materials on a separate partition of your hard drive.  If all else fails and your last resort is restoring your computer to “like ... Read More »

Slow Transfer Speeds from WHS Fixed with Jumbo Frames


I have been playing with my home server for more than a year now and I have always just dealt with the slow transfer speeds to and from my server, until now.  I have a gigabit switch (Linksys EG005W) and I am running Cat6 to all my machines that host gigabit adapters. With that said, I would consistently only get ... Read More »