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Olympus DM-20 Digital Voice Recorder/Music Player/Data Storage

Introduction While Olympus is well known for its quality line of film and digital cameras, less is known about their other products. One that I will be looking at today is the DM-20. It’s billed mainly as a digital voice recorder, but triples it’s functionality by incorporating a music player and USB data storage device into its duties. It’s sleek, …

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Zalman Z-MACHINE GT1000

Having been a longstanding fan and avid user of the Lian Li line of computer chassis; I find that it is difficult to be absolutely wow'ed by another manufacturer's attempt to overthrow the chassis king. Zalman is not new to the game, having been in business since 1999; they have manufactured products in a slew of different genres starting with quiet computing and traveling into the ridiculously priced. The GT1000 is not a bargain basement chassis but is it worth the $380.00 Price tag?

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Fixed: Windows Home Server Could Not Find an Installed Website Gateway Provider

In my efforts to keep my production server separate from these articles I write here on C.O.D., I have implemented a test server.  With that said, this box is my playpen.  During the initial configuration, I was prompted with a mysterious error while trying to configure the box for remote access. The error comes in a dialogue box and displays …

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