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Antec ISK600 Review

When it comes down to the build, everything ends up fitting.  There are no sharp edges at all and the interior finish makes it very easy to work with.  Having a modular design to the hard drives and optical drives allows you to position everything easily and plan your build.

Antec-ISK600-(33) Antec-ISK600-(32)

Although there is plenty of room for hardware, some consideration needs to be made for powering everything.  It almost makes me wish that Antec, or another company for that matter, would offer us PSUs with the Mini-ITX market in mind; PSUs that feature shorter wiring runs for power that keep clutter and volume consumption to a minimum.

Antec-ISK600-(30) Antec-ISK600-(29)

In my cluttered build, I chose to employ the Antec KÜHLER H2O 650 instead of relying on continuously warming air and a traditional cooler.  Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room for traditional water cooling kits, but the AIO 650 fits well and occupies only a small amount of real estate leaving plenty of room for the excess and wasteful wiring.

Antec-ISK600-(31) Antec-ISK600-(28)

Alright… so what does this all mean to you?  First, the ISK600 is an extremely solid case.  The fit and finish is near perfect and the roomy interior gives you plenty of flexibility.  The removable drive trays are easy to work with and the anti-vibration material will keep things quiet.  The roomy interior allows you to integrate some hefty graphics power, but the relative proximity to your PSU can create spacing issues with the PSU wiring.

When you start to think about the flexibility and build quality of the ISK600 you start to build an expectation for cost in your head.  Well, crush it.  This case is budget friendly, it can be had for right around $59.99 USD.  Add up all the fine points and you have a true winner here.  Antec has pushed the envelope and brought a budget friendly Mini-ITX case that can run with the best of them.

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My days of large full tower cases are slowly coming to an end.  Although I love the behemoths of yesteryear, I see myself starting to look upon Mini-ITX motherboards and cases with more enthusiasm every day.  I can get everything I want and need in a compact platform without sacrificing…

Review Overview

Quality - 9
Value - 9
Features - 7.5
Appearance - 8.5


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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. External Features
  3. Internal Features
  4. Final Thoughts

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