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iStarUSA S-915 Review

If you have read our guide to building your own NAS or our more recent Lian Li PC-Q28 Review, you may be ready to get your own personal NAS project started.  The cases featured in both of those articles were great enclosures for a NAS Solution, but didn’t really make accessing your drives easy.  iStarUSA thinks they have the perfect case for the job, the S-915.  This compact mini-ITX tower style chassis may not be an enthusiasts first choice in brand name or feature a sleek all aluminum exterior, but it does have a company with 20 years of experience in industrial computers behind it.  Is that enough to seat it atop your list for cases in your project?

iStarUSA’s S-915 is specifically designed to be used in a NAS applications.  This case measures 7.23 inches x 9.29 inches x 16.46 inches and weighs in with a hefty price-tag at around $169.00 USD.  This chassis can support up to five 5.25″ drives (or a couple of SATA/SAS backplanes), a single internal 2.5″ drive, an ATX PS2 power supply unit, and a mini-ITX motherboard.  The case sports one USB 2.0 port up front and is constructed of 0.8m SECC with an aluminum front bezel. Cooling is handled by a solitary 80mm fan on the top of the unit.


The external multi-bay NAS tower series are designed specially for storage applications. The wide variety of the tower with hard drive cages is able to easily max the hard drive capacity up to 30 bays for storing mass data. Quiet 80mm cooling fan enhances the ventilation inside. The external NAS tower chassis with solid construction is a cost-effective and flexible solution for your critical data storage.


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