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SilverStone FT05 Review

With a complete build, the FT05’s interior is spacious.  Large heatsinks, PSUs, and video cards will have plenty of room to stretch their legs.  Void of drive cages, unneeded structural elements, and a rotated motherboard the FT05 can be the primary residence of anything your heart desires.

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SilverStone’s creation is built magnificently, the construction is top-notch.  The thick aluminum exterior and strong steel construction makes this case extremely sturdy, but a bit on the heavy side.  Personally, I am not the type to go carrying my rig around with me (water-cooling), so this type of thing doesn’t matter much to me.

I can say that the lack of storage options in the FT05 can be concerning.  However, being a huge proponent of NAS storage, the need for large amounts of storage options in my computer’s case is a bonus… not a requirement.  While on the subject of storage, having a slim loading optical drive can save a ton of space, but it will also limit your options.  There are a ton of 5.25″ optical drives to choose from, not so many for slot loading though.  Luckily, with a bit of work, you can find whatever you need… right from SilverStone.

Weighing in at right around $189.00 USD, the SilverStone FT05 is more like a luxury item than a utility.  The FT05 does offer high quality construction, a unique layout, and incredible looks, but is it worth the price?  If you are looking for a finely crafted chassis worthy of high praise, then yes.

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If you are a case designer or manufacturer, you must be asking what you can do to differentiate yourself from the rest of the herd.  After all, there are a ton of cases out there, but what will make yours stand out? Some may use fancy graphics, some will do…

Review Overview

Quality - 10
Value - 7
Features - 7
Appearance - 9.5


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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. External Features
  3. Internal Features
  4. Final Thoughts

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