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Can’t Remove a Partition? Use DiskPart

diskpart-deletep (6)

If you have ever removed a hard drive from a system and installed it in another, you may have run into a situation before where you are unable to delete some of the partitions on the drive. This usually happens when you remove the hard drive from a system made by Dell, Acer, Samsung, etc. The partitions you are unable to remove are designated for system restore and the like. Well, getting rid of those partitions is easier than you think. All you need is a command line and a cup of coffee. Read More »

Share “Playstate” using MediaBrowser for WMC


Lately, I have been experimenting with various types of front ends for my HTPC from the likes of PLEX, XBMC, MediaPortal, and more.  For some reason though, they all seem to fall short, in their own ways, of Windows Media Center.  After tons if installs and uninstalls, I settled on using the MediaBrowser Plugin for Windows Media Center… but there ... Read More »

How to Fix “MSVCR71.dll is Missing” Error


I run a lot of different software packages on my bench system to perform analysis on hardware.  Because of this, I run into a lot of software issues that many of you face or will face.  Typically, the fixes are easy and not do difficult to find.  Recently, I received an error stating “The program can’t start because MSVCR71.DLL is ... Read More »

Use a Separator Page When Printing in Windows


In my career, yes there is a life outside of C.O.D., I am faced with many obstacles; usually regarding printing or scanning.  Recently, it was requested by a customer that printer output be preceded by a separator page.  Luckily, this is not restricted by devices (in most cases) and is rather easy to setup.  This is very helpful in environments ... Read More »

Firefox & Zooming


I have had an annoying problem that I just realized I had.  Sometimes, when I am quick clicking through websites or testing on this one, I tend to hit some buttons rather quickly.  Sometimes, they close my windows and other times have no effect.  Well, one time, I accidentally zoomed in on this site with Firefox and never realized that ... Read More »

Aero is Not Working on Windows 7 & Vista – Logmein


I am a long standing fan of Logmein and their services; I currently utilize their service on all of my PC’s and I am quite happy with their product.  However, if you are a user of the Logmein service and realize lately that Aero is not working on your workstation anymore, the mirror driver is to blame. Read More »

Windows 7 Upgrade hangs at 62%


My Windows woes continue.  This time around, I have been trying to upgrade my Laptop running Windows Vista to Windows 7 Professional.  After initiating the upgrade process it would stall at 62% and give no indication as to what would cause the issue.  Well, after a bunch of research and much less hair, I have an answer for you.  Read More »

Will KHOBE Be The End of Windows?


It was a dark and stormy night, May 5th; it was intense, my dog was hiding in the bathtub, the wind was blowing like a child with a new kazoo, the rain was coming down in sheets (11 x 17), and my PC was left to fend for itself.  Suddenly, the ground shook and my home felt epileptic.  The phone ... Read More »

How to Turn on Automatic Logon in Windows


This is a subject that can be attacked a few different ways.  There are many reasons why people want to log into Windows Automatically and the ways to do it are just as various.  For my purposes, logging into windows automatically is an absolute must for my HTPC’s.  The last thing I want to do is try to spell out ... Read More »