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Angry Birds Golden Egg Walkthrough

I can’t help it, there are just some things I can’t get enough of.  One of those things is Angry Birds!  If you are an Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch user and you have the Angry Birds application installed, and you are wondering how to get all the golden eggs… Look no further.  I, for one, cannot consider something completed until I have all the secrets revealed.

  1. Pause the game during game play and press “?” (Help) button in the bottom left hand corner. The egg will be on the White Bird instruction screen.
  2. Level 5-19: Mighty Hoax: Zoom out to see the entire screen, the egg is located off screen on the far right towards the top.  Shoot a yellow bird and hit the jets.  It may take a few tries, but I got it by accident.
  3. Level 2-2: Poached Eggs: Pop the beach Ball.
  4. Get 3 Stars on all Poached Eggs Levels
  5. Get 3 Stars on all Mighty Hoax Levels
  6. From the main screen, press the button with the gear on it to expand the menu.  Then press the “i” to display the credits.  If you watch them all the way through, you get an egg.
  7. Level 1-8: Poached Eggs: Just press the treasure chest.
  8. On the main screen, tap on the setting (or rising) sun.
  9. Level 4-7: Mighty Hoax: Zoom out to see the entire screen, the egg is on the cliff to the far right.
  10. Level 6-14: Danger Above: There is a yellow balloon under the tree house on the far right.  Boomerang bird!
  11. Level 8 selection screen: Danger Above: Keep dragging the screen to the left and you will see the egg on the right.
  12. Get 3 Stars on all Danger Above Levels
  13. Level 8-15: Danger Above:  The egg is under the slingshot platform on the bottom right.  Bounce a bird off the trampoline wall to hit it or use a Boomerang Bird.
  14. Level 9-14: The Big Setup: Zoom out to see the entire screen.  The egg is on the far right wearing a hard had.
  15. Level 10-3: The Big Setup: KILL THE DUCK!

See Part 2 for the rest: http://computingondemand.com/angry-birds-golden-egg-walkthrough-part-2

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