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Antec GX700 Review

The front of the GX700 takes the military theme seriously.  Each of the four 5.25″ drive bays (only three are usable… more on that later) feature a green metal face plate held in place by metal clasps.  The honey combed front metal fan filter is held in place by thumbscrews, painted in the identical green color, and sports a military dog tag inspired Antec badge.  The power button is painted a rocket red and two LEDs for HDD activity and Power keep it company.  To the far right is a flush reset button.  Although the reset button is flush with the bezel, it is still large enough to warrant extra care from accidental presses.


Antec-GX700 (5)

The front metal fan guard hides the removable fan filter very well.  However, removing the bottom thumbscrews can be a bit challenging if you have Jimmy Dean’s (sausage) for fingers.  If Antec had gone with two top thumbscrews and a hinged bottom, the metal guard would be better served.  The removable fan filter is held in place with a simple clip and will do a good job of keeping your cat’s hair out of your rig.


Up top, Antec has the two 140mm cooling fans exhausting warm air from your chassis with the ability to install 120mm fans as well.  Moving forward a bit, there are two USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and audio connections.  The connectivity finds a home in a raised green metal plate riveted in place.  Alongside the external connectivity is a military hazard switch cover, when lifted reveals fan speed settings (low, medium, and high).  Personally, I would much rather have seen a war styled power switch here… Launch Control!

Antec-GX700 (11) Antec-GX700 (1)

Around back, the GX700 has some room to grow.  First, the seven expansion slots are the break away type and do not come with slot covers.  There is a plastic cover with a clip that opens to reveal the expansion slot thumb screws.  The rest of the back is basic; bottom mounted PSU and some water cooling holes.  Oh, almost forgot to mention the LARGE MADE IN CHINA stamped on the back.  I don’t mind having things made in China… I just don’t want that to be an advertisement on my case.

Antec-GX700-(16) Antec-GX700-(14) Antec-GX700-(15)

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