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ASUS Z97-AR Review

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Asus-Z97-AR-(72) Asus-Z97-AR-(73) Asus-Z97-AR-(74) Asus-Z97-AR-(75) Asus-Z97-AR-(76) Asus-Z97-AR-(77) Asus-Z97-AR-(78) Asus-Z97-AR-(79) Asus-Z97-AR-(80) Asus-Z97-AR-(81) Asus-Z97-AR-(82) Asus-Z97-AR-(83) Asus-Z97-AR-(61) Asus-Z97-AR-(62) Asus-Z97-AR-(63) Asus-Z97-AR-(64) Asus-Z97-AR-(65) Asus-Z97-AR-(66) Asus-Z97-AR-(67) Asus-Z97-AR-(68) Asus-Z97-AR-(69) Asus-Z97-AR-(70) Asus-Z97-AR-(71)


Asus-Z97-AR-(86) Asus-Z97-AR-(85) Asus-Z97-AR-(84) Asus-Z97-AR-(83)


Asus-Z97-AR-(87) Asus-Z97-AR-(88) Asus-Z97-AR-(89) Asus-Z97-AR-(90) Asus-Z97-AR-(91)

Tool & Exit:

Asus-Z97-AR-(92) Asus-Z97-AR-(93) Asus-Z97-AR-(94) Asus-Z97-AR-(95) Asus-Z97-AR-(96) Asus-Z97-AR-(97) Asus-Z97-AR-(98)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Board Layout & Features
  4. UEFI BIOS Cont.
  5. Included Software
  6. Test System Setup
  7. Benchmarking: Ethernet Performance
  8. Benchmarking: SATA Performance
  9. Benchmarking: AIDA64 Benchmark
  10. Benchmarking: PCMark 8
  11. Benchmarking: Handbrake
  12. Benchmarking: Cinibench R15
  13. Benchmarking: HyperPi
  14. Overclocking & Final Thoughts

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  1. What colour does the Strip by the sound chip glow in? Red or yellow or white???

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