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FileZilla FTP Server on WHS

Lets migrate out of the FileZilla configuration for a moment. Open “My Computer” on your server and create a new directory under C:\called FTPUsers (in-case you didn’t follow the directions above).


Back to Filezilla… It is now time to create folders for your FTP users to have access to.  Select the Shared Folders option on the left side menu.

    1. Click Add to create the first folder for your users.  This will also be your user’s Home Directory; or the directory they will land in when connecting to your FTP
    2. Navigate to your FTPUsers directory and press OK


    1. Once that directory option is created you will want to right-click on it and select Rename.
    2. Rename the entry to C:\FTPUsers\:u

  1. Check the option for Autocreate

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