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FileZilla FTP Server on WHS

Before you test whether or not your FTP Server is functioning, you MUST add it to your firewall exceptions list and forward the ports (Default Ports = TCP/UDP- 21, 50000-50100) in your router if you are using one.  Adding the application to the windows firewall is extremely simple.  You can access the firewall configuration by opening the Windows Firewall application in your control panel.

  1. In the Exceptions tab, select add program
  2. Navigate to c:\Program Filesh\FileZilla Server
  3. Select FileZilla server.exe
  4. Click OK a few times and you now have allowed FileZilla Server as an exception in your Windows Firewall.

You should now be able connect to your FTP server.  You can set up an FTP client  (FileZilla has a very good and Free FTP client as well) to connect to your server using the address: ftp://xxxxxx.homeserver.com and the username / password you created.  Enjoy your FTP server.

If you have any questions or comments, please visit our forums.  You will be able to find help or offer suggestions.  Also, the fine folks over at WeGotServed.co.uk are a great resource for help.

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