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Hitachi Desktar 7K1000

FC test performs 3 major categories of testing in 5 different classes. Read, Write, and Copy tests are performed in ISO (3 Files, 1600MB Total Size), MP3 (271 Files, 990MB Total Size), Programs (8504 Files, 1380MB Total Size), and Windows (9006 Files, 1060MB Total Size). C.O.D. has added the DVD ISO test (3 files at various common DVD ISO file sizes). The application captures the time it takes to do these 3 tasks in each subset, and then calculates the speed in which it was completed. This test has proven to be repeatable and expressive of a drives performance.

I have added a category to the FC tests to give more of a real world usage to a drive of this size. As time goes on, the previously reviewed drives will be added and benchmarked. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to some of these drives anymore and only will by buying them. Time and currency willing, you, the reader, will see those results… eventually.

It will become evident that there will develop a common theme through most of these benchmarks. The Hitachi 1TB drive simply blows away the competition in MP3, ISO, and DVD ISO. Every benchmark that features large files just allows this drive to really shine.

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