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Hitachi Desktar 7K1000

So… what does all this mean? It means that Hitachi created a crack dealing afro ninja with a hunger for data. The Hitachi drive combats 2 of today’s developing interests in hard disk drives; storage capacity and speed. The original idea that large drives couldn’t perform as well as smaller drives is dying fast. This drive not only proves that, but adds the feature to store a huge collection of ISO’s for your HTPC. I can’t really think of a reason that “normal” people would need to have a TB of storage capacity, but then again, who really needs an 8cyl automobile?

I have to give Hitachi top honors with this drive; not only did it perform well; it comes with an attractive price tag. A quick search yielded at least 3 sites with the drive at under $320.00. Hitachi, you have won my heart, and my wallet.

I have already heard the question: “why would I buy this, when I can get smaller drives and end up with more space for less money?” The truth is, you can get smaller drives and end up with more space. Follow this example for a second; you can do the same with houses. You can buy a bunch of houses and end up with more square footage then one larger house. Span your living across the array of houses, spend some time in one, sleep in another, cook in this one, shower in that one; paying for electric, gas, water, etc in all of them. The same holds true for hard drives, the more you have, the more power you draw. The data is scattered among different drives. RAID 0? Sure, but RAID isn’t as reliable as some people think. If you lose your stripe, good luck rebuilding your data.

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