Review: LaCie 2big NAS

If you are unfamiliar with complicated setups and an endless onslaught of options then the 2big NAS may just be the NAS for you.  The web adminstration in LaCie NAS OS 2.0  is so clean and simple that you can find everything you need in just a few mouse clicks.  Almost every important element is facing you at all times and if you find that you use some more than others, you can remove them from the dashboard and replace them with the elements you use more often.

The home screen features a quick display of options in the center of the screen that is broken down into two major sections.  The center of the page is home to all the administrative functions for the NAS and the outer section is the configurable widgets.  You can choose from a list of nine different widgets: General Settings, Network, RAID Management, Users, Groups, Shares, External Ports, Backup, Download, ECO Management, Support, and Drive information.

The simple administrations allows for quick installations.  Here in the lab, we were able to unbox the NAS, setup RAID 0 (most disk space), add a Group, Add a User, and finally add a Share in a matter of minutes.  Soup to nuts configuration, adding 5 users, adding them to shares, configuring backup schedule, upgrading firmware, setting power options, and enabling Remote Access all took under 15 minutes.

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