Review: LaCie 2big NAS

With “on demand” data needs in organizations or homes, it is not uncommon for devices like this to be running 24/7.  With energy on our minds, most of us will not want a power hungry electric consumption monster on our network for streaming music, videos, or storing documents.  Today’s NAS will usually consume less energy than a PC or a home built server by a good amount.  In testing, we were able to determine that the N5200XXX used more electricity than its smaller four bay brother.  Considering the fact that there is another drive spinning, this increase is negligible and still consumes far less energy than a PC.

Testing was conducted using a Kill A Watt EZ P4460 Power Meter and measurements were taken every minute for 10 minutes then averaged for the results.  LaCie claims that the 2big NAS will operate at 6W during HDD hibernation and 22W during heavy usage.  Our results validated their claims.

LaCie’s introductory NAS, the 2big NAS, proves that function and simplicity can combine with performance and affordability to serve up one file loving sandwich.  The 2big NAS delivers on LaCie’s promises for simplicity and ease of use.  LaCie has brought sanity to those that don’t have the patience or the IT staff to setup an overly complicated device; this NAS can be unboxed and fully configured in less than 15 minutes making it impossible to overlook. If you are looking for a NAS and don’t want a complicated setup… the 2big NAS may be the one for you.

  • 0TB (diskless) $299.99
  • 6TB $649.00

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