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Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Review

Internally, the PCB occupies the full capacity of its aluminum enclosure.  The single sided PCB sports 8 Samsung K9HFGY8U5A-CCK0 21 nm MLC DDR 2.0 NAND.  Samsung has outfitted this 256GB SSD with their own 3-core MDX Arm controller (S4LN021X01-8030) featuring a Cortex-R4 CPU @ 300Mhz.  This should help Samsung maintain the level of control over their SSD that many others can only dream of having.  Accompanying the controller and the NAND is Samsung 512MB Low Power DDR2 SDRAM cache memory.  The back of the PCB is as barren as a brick…

Samsung-840Pro-256 (16) Samsung-840Pro-256 (15)

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