Speeze EE475B13 Copper Snake III

I can remember the days when I would have to find the biggest, baddest, most expensive heat sink on the market to cool my overclocked CPU. It’s amazing how things change. I went from the guy with the loudest computer, to the guy with the green glowing water cooled computer. My days of obnoxiously loud fans like the Tornados and the Delta screamers were numbered.

I no longer consider myself conventional in the sense of cooling. I have converted from air to water in my main rig, but still keep my server air cooled. Since my server hasn’t made the switch yet, and I am enjoying the quiet much more than I used to; practical, inexpensive, and quiet is what I now look for in a cooling solution. Enter the Speeze EE475B13 Copper Snake III.

This cooler is not designed to blow you away with its super charged fan, or keep you up at night because it sounds like a jet powered aircraft landing on your desk. Instead, it will allow you to work or play without a high pitched ringing noise pounding through your head for the rest of your day.

As I see it, there isn’t much innovation anymore with regards to the design of heat sinks. In my eyes, I think everything that can be done, has been done, and until some revolutionary new way to cool our processors comes along; this is what we are stuck with.

Some companies come up with elaborate cool looking things to try to get us to spend our money with them, some companies come up with promises that this thing could freeze boiling water in seconds, and some companies are quietly making quiet coolers. That is where this thing comes in. Its design is nothing revolutionary but does it do what it’s supposed to do?

In the typical heat sink fashion we see the fan is mounted atop our “heat dissipation unit.” In the typical fashion of science we can see that they did some homework. The more surface area the better, and that’s where their fins come in.

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