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Building a Kick Ass Mining Rig

We all know it's true... cryptocurrency mining isn't going anywhere, it is here for the foreseeable future. Just as with servers, I like to build instead of buy. Over the years, I have done my share of research when it comes to hardware and components. I have made plenty of mistakes along the way and I have learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn't work. With that in mind, I am going provide you with the list of components that I choose, at computingondemand.com, when building my mining rigs.

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Rosewill RSV-L4000C 4U Mining Case

rying to figure out how you want to build a mining machine, there aren't many options to choose from concerning its skeleton. One option is to build or buy an open rig frame, another is to mockup some metal shelving and hang some gear from it with zip ties, and the last option is to purchase a professionally made, well-manufactured mining case. While Rosewill may not be that well known in the cryptocurrency space, they have made a name for themselves in the server market by manufacturing and designing quality components at a price point that most people can afford. With that kind of pedigree, Rosewill introduced the RSV-L4000B and, subsequently, the RSV-L4000BC; a 4U 6/8 GPU Rack-mountable Mining chassis.

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Configure Windows 10 For Mining

Getting your rig up and running may not be that difficult to start, but you may soon realize that there are a lot of things running in Windows 10 that do not need to be a part of your mining experience or may cause unexpected results. For instance, things like Cortana and OneDrive serve no purpose. Additionally, Windows Update may reboot your system in the middle of the night without warning. Getting Windows setup properly for mining is not difficult and here are some of the more common things you should consider.

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Getting Started With Monero – Mining For Monero

If you made it through the basics of getting your wallet setup, you are probably already hunting for a way to make some Monero. In the early days, it was possible for someone to solo mine and get some rewards. However, with today's difficulty, it is nearly impossible to get something from solo mining unless you have dropped some serious $$ on hardware and can generate a couple of Megahashes or so. The only option for many of us is to join a pool.

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Getting Started with AEON – Creating a Wallet

I am always being turned on to something new, this time around it is AEON. AEON is a cryptocurrency based on the same idea as Monero, privacy. However, it adds one thing that many others have failed to, it is portable. Meaning, it is so lightweight, you can run a wallet on your phone. This, along with its privacy features makes it an ideal candidate for the next high-value coin in the upcoming year.

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How to Flash Your GPU BIOS

For those of you that are trying to squeeze every ounce of performance you can from your video card to mine cryptocurrency more effectively, modifying your BIOS can prove to provide some very noticeable performance gains. Flashing your GPU can result in catastrophic failure if you do it incorrectly or the process is interrupted prematurely, so proceed with caution.

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