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Xoxide Spiderman Case

You've read the comics, you've seen the movies and you've even got the poster. What more could the hardcore Spiderman fan need? How about the coolest looking case on the market? Xoxide has kindly provided me with just the ticket to tingle your spider senses. How cool is it to have the web-slinger himself peering out at you in the middle of the night?

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Antec Sonata Piano Black Quiet Mid Tower Case

Today I will be reviewing the Antec Sonata Mid Tower case. I was immediately impressed when I took the case out of the box. The sheer weight told me that this was a solidly built case. But the thing that took my breath away was the absolute beauty of the paint job. The fit and finish of this case is amazing. The Piano Black paint is buffed to a very high sheen (you can actually see your reflection). I tried to get a picture of this but it wasn't to be. The pictures of it really don't do it justice. It has the look and feel of an automotive quality paint job.

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Chieftec Dragon Series Aluminum

We sink so much into our computers, we research components, shop around for the best prices, look for ways of making it perform better; but we still have a plain beige box with poor cooling properties and NO aesthetics. There are many companies trying to deliver something different to the masses, at a considerably smaller cost then just a few years ago. Yes, that’s right boys and girls; the days of pulling out the jigsaw to put a window in your case is gone. Chieftec isn’t the only company doing this, but they sure do have a very attractive package available for the end user.

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Directron 8889-AL Aluminum Mid-Tower Case

Today I am reviewing an aluminum case made by Directron. For an aluminum case it is very nicely built with rolled edges and very few sharp protrusions. It has plenty of room for most users. It also has the advantages of some front ports for USB (2) and Firewire (IEEE1394). And it comes with a side window already installed. All this and more for under $100.00 shipped. (I think mine was right around $90.00 to my door.)

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Evercase ECE4252

There are endless options when shopping for a computer case. You can choose a steel or aluminum chassis in most any color out there. The only thing that governs what you get is the price. But for those of us who want a nice case for little cost there is hope, and you don’t have to settle for beige. Black cases are a great alternative and you can easily find accessories to match black rather than some off the wall color. Enter the Evercase ECE4252…

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