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The Best OctoPrint Plugins for 2021

OctoPrint is an excellent piece of software. Out of the box it provides users with a ton of functionality. However, due to its open source nature and its flexibility, many have extended its functionality by creating plugins. With that in mind, let’s cover some of the plugins that I feel are the best plugins for the platform.

This list is not in any order. Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Bed Visualizer

This plugin utilizes Plotly js library to render a 3D surface of the bed’s reported mesh on a tab within OctoPrint. It converts this

Cost Estimation

This OctoPrint plugin displays the estimated print cost for the loaded model. The print cost includes the price for the used filament the maintenance and operating cost for the printer as well as the depreciation of the printer.

  • Calculation based on the provided filament length
  • Customizable currency symbol
  • Hide cost if not logged in (optional)
  • Support for multiple extruders
  • Support for filament profiles with Filament Manager Plugin


This plugin adds a dashboard tab in Octoprint that displays the most relevant info regarding the state of the printer and any on-going print job.

  • Adds a new tab first in the list and becomes the default tab when opening OctoPrint
  • Widgets for current:RPi host CPU Load, CPU Temp, CPU frequency, Mem Utilization, Storage Utilization.
  • Printer profile, Connection status, Printer Status
  • Hotend temp(s), Bed Temp, Chamber Temp, Fan speed
  • Temperature/Humidity sensors.
  • Shell command output
  • Printed file, Job Progress, Layer Progress
  • Layer Duration Graph
  • Estimated total time, ETA, Time left, Time since print started
  • Current layer, Total layers
  • Current height, Total height
  • Average layer time
  • WebCam view
  • Settings to configure what widgets and info to include in the Dashboard
  • Supports multiple hotends as configured in the printer profile
  • Supports chamber temperature if configured in the printer profile
  • Configurable progress gauge type (Circle, Bar)
  • Fullscreen mode including job control buttons (Start, Cancel, Pause/Resume)
  • Full page mode by adding ?dashboard=full parameter at the end of the octoprint url
  • Uses Estimates from PrintTimeGenius when installed
  • Uses GCode analysis provided by DisplayLayerProgress to get more accurate layer and fan data
  • Theme friendly


A OctoPrint-Plugin that sends the current Layer-Informations, the Progress and other data of a print via M117 command to the printer-display and also to the top navigation bar. A new feature is the “Desktop Printer-Display”, which shows all M117 messages in a Desktop PopUp.

It shows the progress, estimatedEndTime, printTimeLeft, currentLayer, totalLayerCount, last/average layerDuration, currentHeight, totalHeight, feedrate and fanspeed:

  • Printer Display: 50% L=60/120 H=23mm/47mm
  • NavBar: Layer: 60 / 120 Height: 23mm of 47mm
  • Browser TabTitle: 12% end: 19:32

Filament Manager

This OctoPrint plugin helps to manage your filament spools.

  • Replacing filament volume with weight in sidebar
  • Software odometer to measure used filament
  • Warn if print exceeds remaining filament on spool
  • Assign temperature offset to spools
  • Automatically pause print if filament runs out
  • Import & export of spool inventory
  • Support for PostgreSQL as database for multiple instances


A simple file manager.

Floating Navbar

This plugin simply makes the navbar float/stick to the top of the page while scrolling.

Navbar Temperature Plugin

Display temperatures on navbar


Plugin that adds a right sidebar panel and moves configured panels from left sidebar to the right sidebar.


Display estimated time of finish for current print (Estimated Time of Arrival). Day of finish is displayed only when current print will not finish today.

Preheat Button

This plugin adds a preheat button to preheat the nozzle and bed to the printing temperature of the selected gcode file. This can be done manually but this plugin makes it more convenient. If the target temperature is not zero, the button will instead turn off nozzle heating (cooldown).

PrusaSlicer Thumbnails

This plugin will extract the embedded thumbnails from PrusaSlicer gcode files where the printer’s profile ini file has the thumbnail option configured. This is default behavior for the Prusa Mini printer profile.

The thumbnail image extracted will always be the last resolution provided in the thumbnail setting. So for example the Prusa Mini setting is thumbnails = 16×16,220×124 so the thumbnail that will be extracted will be 220×124 pixels as seen in the screenshots below. See the Configuration section below for additional details.

The preview thumbnail can be shown in OctoPrint from the files list by clicking the newly added image button.

Simple Emergency Stop

A simple plugin that adds an emergency stop button on NavBar.


A small OctoPrint plugin to change the looks of OctoPrint! Features a beautiful Dark Theme inspired by Discord’s color palette, along with a handful of others thanks to the awesome contributors.

Also features customization of individual elements. With the advanced-customization scheme you can modify the appearance to your heart’s desire directly from the settings-dialog!


This plugin will transform the OctoPrint layout into a Mobile/TFT friendly layout. With larger buttons and a responsive layout down to the smallest resolution possible. It will mimic pointer events as touch, so you can hook up those touchscreens. It also supports a virtual keyboard.

All these settings are set client-side, so we won’t interfere with other clients. All settings are stored in your localstorage or as a delicious cookie. You can find the TouchUI settings in a dedicated modal. Remember they’re stored on your device, so if you login with your desktop computer you won’t get the touch interface.

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