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YavaCo PC Test Station

Since its inception, COD has had the wonderful opportunity to play with some great hardware and have web surfers read our opinions on them all. We have not always had the latest and greatest motherboard and video card reviews; we have not always had the cutting edge tech articles on theories about where the industry is going; we have, however, …

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Jackson Armor Card

What if I told you I could make your PC “crash-proof”, would you believe me? Well, that’s just what Jackson Backup is touting with their Armor Card. Now, that’s not to say your PC won’t lockup as most running Windows are prone to do. But, you don’t have to worry about a system crash. Go ahead, make whatever changes you …

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Slipstreaming SP2

To start your slipstream of Windows XP with SP2 you have to be able to access the DOS command line. Don’t be afraid of the command line; just remember that the command line is a “geek’s” friend. To access the command line from Windows XP simply click on the “Start” button. Click on “Run” and when the Dialogue box pops …

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Logitech® Precision PC Gaming Headset

If you’ve paid any attention whatsoever to the PC industry, you will recognize the name Logitech®. Long synonymous with quality PC products, Logitech has stepped up the push to broaden its’ appeal. You can find Logitech products integrated into just about every facet of personal and business computing today. Keyboards, mice, speakers, headphones, etc. are all encompassed by the retail …

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