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KDS CD Organizer

The other day I was doing an install on a new system and was looking for the software I needed to finish. It took me a good  hour to find what I was looking for. Now normally I consider myself fairly well organized. But this was just unacceptable for me. I thought to myself “Man there has got to be something easier” then I remembered seeing this KDS CD Organizer someplace. So I did a little Googling and found it at Buy.com for the most reasonable price. I have done business with these people before, so after a few days I had it.


  • Read and Store Disc Contents Automatically:
    The CD Organizer software uses your CD-ROM* drive to read and store disc contents automatically – eliminating manual entry!
  • Easy Disc Storage:
    Once disc contents are stored, remove the disc from the CD-ROM drive and place it on the motorized tray that pops out.
  • View Disc Contents:
    The CD Organizer software allows you to view the titles of stored discs on one screen. It also lets you view the disc contents (filenames and directory names).
  • Quick Disc Retrieval:
    To retrieve a disc, simply double-click on a title from a list shown on your screen and a tray pops out with the disc.
  • Quick Disc Return:
    To return a disc, double-click on the corresponding title on your screen and place the disc on the tray that pops out.
  • Locate Files Quickly and Easily:
    Looking for a document or image but can’t remember what disc it was saved on? Do a disc search by providing a title, keyword, filename or directory name.
  • Lend a Disc Feature:
    Lend out discs and the CD Organizer reminds you when they are due back.
  • Connect Multiple CD Organizer Towers To a Single PC:
    Access multiple CD Organizer towers from the same application.
  • Use Without a PC:
    The keypad on the top of the CD Organizer tower allows direct disc access if you choose not to use your PC.
  • Easy Setup and Connection:
    USB connectivity makes setup quick and easy.
  • System Requirements:
    Windows 98se, 2000, or Millennium
    Pentium 166MHz or Faster
    64 MB RAM or More
    8 MB of available Hard Drive space
    2x CD-ROM Drive or faster
    USB Version 1.1 or Higher

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