Filtering Comments in WordPress: Removing trackbacks and pingbacks from posts

As WordPress becomes more popular in the Web Designer circles (is that possible?), many of the functions we are looking for are simply not integrated by default.  One of the functions I searched for for a long time was a way to filter comments so pingbacks and trackbacks wouldn’t be displayed on my posts or pages.  I personally don’t care …

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The Requested Lookup Key Was Not Found In Any Active Activation Context

I don’t understand why things just can’t seem to work seamlessly.  Especially when you are talking about Microsoft Products.  You would think that one Microsoft product would work without issue with another, and you would think that you are pretty much guaranteed that this would be the case when the Microsoft Product in question is installed through Windows Update.  Enough …

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Google Voice Review

If anyone knows me, they know I play with things for no reason, that is my nature.  With that said, whenever I find something that I haven’t used, haven’t heard of, or could find any reason whatsoever to try, I will.  That is the case with Google voice.  Google voice is not new to many, but it is to me.  …

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