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Fractal Design ARC Mini R2 Review

If there is one thing that gets my cooling fans spinning, it is a nice case. Computer cases range from garbage to extraordinary. The wide selection of manufacturers, styles, colors, and features can make picking one a daunting task. Sometimes, an inexpensive good-looking case leaves you wanting features you found in a more expensive, less appealing (downright ugly) case. Well, there are only a few “go to” manufacturers for me, and believe me, Fractal Design is moving up the ladder quickly. After Fractal Designs released the Define R4, I didn’t look back. Let’s see if they can keep up the good work with the ARC Mini R2.

Fractal-ARCMINIR2 (9)

The ARC Mini R2 is a mid size chassis that sports some full-sized features. First, this case is extremely flexible, it looks fantastic, and its price is almost unbeatable for what you get. The ARC Mini measures just 210 x 405 x 484, weighs in at just 9kg, and is constructed with high quality metals and plastics. This relatively small chassis has room for up to six 3.5″ hard drives, two 2.5″ hard drives, two 5.25″ drives, and six cooling fans! Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards, PSUs up to 220mm deep, and graphics cards up to 400mm mean this case can run with the best of them.

Fractal-ARCMINIR2 (3) Fractal-ARCMINIR2 (2)

To keep things cool, three of the six available fan locations are populated with Silent Series R2 fans. Up front and around back are hydraulic bearing 120mm fans that spin up to 1200RPM and can move around 40.6 CFM while only producing 15 dBA. Up top, is a single 140mm hydraulic bearing fan that spins at 1000RPMs, moves 66 CFM and produces 18.5 dBA. You can install an additional 120/140mm fan up top, a 120mm fan on the bottom, and another 120mm fan up front. Each intake fan sits behind a fan filter.

If water cooling is your thing, the ARC Mini R2 will not disappoint you. The layout of this case allows you to install multiple radiators and there is plenty of room for clear PVC. Having room for a 240mm radiator up front, a 240 or 360mm radiator up top, a 120mm radiator at the bottom, and your choice of 120/140mm radiator around back you can really add some obstacles for your water pump!

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