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Fractal Design ARC Mini R2 Review

What does any of that matter if the case isn’t good-looking? Well, no worries. This case is beautiful, pure and simple. It is one of the best looking cases I have had my hands on. Every aspect of this case is smooth; the sleek brushed surface up front, the I/O panel, the side window, the unbelievably easy to access fan filters. Each element of this case is masterfully integrated for an extremely elegant transition.

Fractal-ARCMINIR2 (10) Fractal-ARCMINIR2 (8)

Up front, the case’s plastic bezel has a brushed aluminum effect that is very well carried out. It almost fooled me into thinking it was brushed aluminum, had to tap it with my finger a few times to make sure. The two 2.5″ drive bays and a removable fan filter are all that take refuge up front. The removable fan filter does not require that you remove the bezel to access it. Instead, just give it a push at the top and the push to open mechanism release the filter for easy cleaning.

Fractal-ARCMINIR2 (5)

Up top, you are greeted with a 3 speed fan controller, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, a power button with integrated LED, audio connections, and a recessed reset button. You don’t have to worry about accidentally resetting your system with this layout; you actually need something other than your finger to depress it (I had to use a pen). The top of the case is completely removable, via two thumbscrews around back, exposing the fan filter and installation points for the fans.

Fractal-ARCMINIR2 (7)

Around back, you have two water cooling cutouts, 4+1 expansion slots, and the cutout for the bottom mounted PSU.

The bottom has a filter and some feet…

Fractal-ARCMINIR2 (11)

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