Lian Li PC-C60 Review

The increased volume also means that you are no longer limited to measly Micro-ATX motherboards anymore, as there is enough room in here to fit a full ATX motherboard. The PC-C60 also has room for two 5.25 in. drives, six 3.5 in. hard drives, and three 2.5 in. HDDs! That is nine hard drives in an HTPC!! There are no tricks here either; the hard drives are installed using an HDD cage that can be reconfigured a number of ways and each of the cages can support a 2.5 in. HDD on top.

Lian Li has chosen to design the PC-C60 to be elegant and efficient. The design elements are quickly apparent as you journey around the chassis. The front of the chassis is home to a 5.25 in. optical drive cover to conceal your optical drive, a power and reset button slightly recessed to ensure that attention is not misguided, two USB 3.0 ports, audio ports, and an e-SATA port for quick connectivity. Each side is configured for fans or cooling, and the rear is home to the PSU and seven expansion slots. The top of the chassis is held in place by two thumb screws and has an optional cutout for an additional 140mm cooling fan. The bottom of the PC-C60 is fitted with four entertainment center styled feet.

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In the standard configuration, each of the two HDD racks is set up for three hard drives and the drives are situated to allow the use of standard SATA connection cables instead of right angle cables. With plenty of room on one side, wiring is easy. All of the hard drive cages use rubber grommets to help eliminate noise due to vibrations and cooling is handled by a 140mm fan. Having the ability to remove the empty trays or cage can provide enough space for additional components, or over-sized components.

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The 5.25 in. cage is designed to hide your optical drive behind a matching aluminum face plate. The second bay uses that standard 5.25 in. cover plate but gives you the flexibility of adding either a second drive, the very useful iMON VFD, or something else. The cage is held in place by four tiny screws, the same as the hard drive rack, and is fastened on one side to a removable brace. The contents within the case are cooled by a 140mm cooling fan, but because of the close proximity it becomes hard to remove or install when an optical drive is present.

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