Lian Li PC-C60 Review

The size of the PC-C60 allows for standard ATX Power Supplies. The PC-C60 also provides direct airflow for your PSU and the mounting hardware is designed as such to allow PSU’s with top or bottom mounted fans to take advantage of the fresh air. Noise due to vibration is addressed by two rubber strips on the bottom of the chassis.

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The cooling for the PC-C60 is designed to eliminate dust from your installation by configuring the fans to create positive pressure. This positive pressure ensures that all airflow is pulled in by fans dressed in fan guards and not by gaps or holes in the case. This airflow is created by three 140 mm fans; two on one side near the CPU cooler and 5.25 in. cage, and one on the other next to the HDD cage. Each of the fans is installed with a dust guard, but you will quickly realize that these dust guards are a noise maker waiting to happen. In our test installation, in only took a few weeks for the guard to stretch and start rubbing against the fan blades adding some unneeded noise at movie time.

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Computer chassis are typically equipped with many case fans, some are designed for exhaust and others for intake. When intake fans’ combined airflow is greater than exhaust, a positive pressure is created inside the chassis. Conversely, when the airflow is greater for exhaust than it is for intake, a negative pressure is created.


Although this case is not without its faults, like the dust guards and the lack of wiggle room near the 5.25 in. drive cage, it still manages to impress. Weighing in at around $190.00 USD, the PC-C60 has a large price tag when compared to the likes of the SilverStone GD06. The cooling power behind the chassis will have your mind at ease during those hot summer nights and all the hard drive options will ensure that you have enough storage capacity to house your multimedia collection.

The PC-C60 is going to be a hard one to beat, the roomy interior and the brushed aluminum exterior definitely put this at the top of its class. An HTPC chassis needs functionality as well as looks and the PC-C60 delivers on both. The only thing that could make a great case like this greater… an iMON VFD standard. Bottom line… Lian Li produced a top notch HTPC chassis in the PC-C60 and if your entertainment center is itching for a remodel… get the PC-C60.

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Quality - 10
Value - 8
Features - 10
Appearance - 10


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