Thanks to you, Apple, I was Late Today!

Another debacle by an increasingly annoying company has made me late for work today.  It seems that Apple has neglected to fix a bug with its iOS operating system that ignores the Daylight Savings time changes in its alarm application. 

Personally, I use my iPhone as more than just a phone; it also serves as an alarm clock.  When Apple received reports from users overseas weeks ago that its operating system contained a bug that caused the alarm clock to ignore the change in time, even though it is reflected on the devices’ regular clock, their only response was “a fix will be released in 4.2 later this month”.

There is no mention of this glitch in iTunes or even on the Apple website.

The glitch doesn’t affect everyone, only those of us that set an alarm to repeat on certain days… LIKE WORKDAYS! Unfortunately, Apple didn’t give its iPhone/iPod Touch users any way of knowing that this glitch existed.  And thanks to you, Apple, my alarm did not sound this morning as it should have.  The result? I WAS LATE!!!

The fix? delete your alarms and reset them after the time changeover.

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  1. Joe – have you heard of this thing called an alarm clock. they plug into the wall. its kind of old fashioned, i know… but they work! *8-)

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