Are PC Users in the Dark?

Having been in the technical ring for as long as I have, I have become increasingly aware that many people just don’t have a clue. I hear all kinds of stupid things from why PC’s break to how crappy they are, accompanied by a host of other reasons why PC’s suck. Most of the times, people don’t realize that they are the cause of many of their own problems.

Example; I build a computer for someone out of high quality parts, piece everything together with plenty of TLC, and they tell me the computer sucks and they are going to buy a Dell because Windows crashes once in a while. Meanwhile, it is revealed that they have a slew of viruses infecting their machine, they have no idea that downloading pirated software could be bad, and can’t tell the difference between a CD-ROM drive and a coffee cup holder.

Explaining to them that they will have the same issues with a Dell as they do now doesn’t seem to sink in. They are dead set that they are impervious to infection and that they aren’t the cause of their own issues. Sometime I have a breakthrough and they understand a bit… like explaining to them that they can’t blame their car for hitting a tree if they drank a gallon of vodka and decided to drive home.

Increasingly, I have been getting the response… “I will just get a Mac, they are great.” “They don’t have viruses and they just work.” Now, I start getting upset. If you are going to get a Mac because they are great, YOU ARE AN IDIOT! MACS HAVE PROBLEMS TOO! Granted, they have FEWER of the SAME issues that PC’s have… they still have issues. Most of the people I have talked to have no idea what a rootkit is, nor do they understand that they will be subject to issues all the same, just different issues.

I also get the argument, “I can run Windows on my Mac when I make the switch!” Okay?!?! If you are so against Windows why the hell are you going to spend all that money only to run Windows again!??!?! If you are going to switch to a Mac, SWITCH!

I grew up on Macs, I like Macs, I just like Windows better. I like the control of picking my own hardware, the excitement of building my own systems, tweaking, toying, fixing, etc. It’s not for everyone… it’s for me. I don’t have the issues that others have simply because I don’t go around pirating software, downloading all kinds of crap, and opening every email that comes to me in a blind assumption that no one has ill intentions.

Now sit tight here… I am not anti Mac; I am anti idiot. If you are going to switch to a Mac… come up with better reasons than the ones people have presented me with so far. If you have had issues with Windows; most of them may be your own fault. If you have used a Mac and you just like the experience better, then go for it. Bottom line… if Macs had 90% Market Share, then people would be having the opposite discussion. With popularity comes the bull’s eye. If I were a virus maker, rootkit creator, or some type of malware technician… why would I target 10% of the market? I WOULDN’T! I want the field, not the blade of grass. Switch the roles, and you switch the issues. Just remember that… As you folks switch and the Macs take more of the market, you will get more and more issues.

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  1. EXCELLENT article/editorial!!! I fix/build PC full time, 10 hrs/day, 6 days/week. I deal with all kinds of people and their problems, and I can totally relate with everything Joe (the author) said. I stopped installing firewalls on client PCs because 9 times out of 10, they would disable or uninstall it. "It kept popping up all the time" and "it wouldn't let me use LimeWire for my music/movies" are the typical answers as to why, but then they have the nerve to ask "how did I get all those viruses?" I have even been blamed for infecting computers!! "I never had any problems until I brought it to you" is a good one. Another favorite: "You installed the antivirus software and it doesn't work, just look at all the stuff listed by this new program I bought and installed called 'AntiVirusXP 2010'. It shows all the stuff your crappy program missed". As we all know, 'AntiVirusXP 2010' is a notorious rogue. I have had to explain the rogue 'theory' to dozens of people, many just can't seem to wrap their brains around the fact the the rogue program is FAKE, that it's a virus posing as an antivirus, and all the 'infections' it lists don't even exist, they're listed to scare the user in to coughing up a credit card. Sadly, many people do. BAHHHH. I'm done ranting. But thanks for excellent article. I relate, and thanks for letting me vent some frustration!

  2. Dickie Beavers

    A computer is a computer. I don't care if your logo is a piece of fruit, or if you're a fan of cow print. They're all capable of getting a virus. I am anti Mac. I'm not afraid to say it. I think Macs are for tree hugging hipsters. Have you ever seen the people shopping at an Apple store?? Everyone in there thinks they're better than us PC folks. I don't get it.

  3. Totally agree with you. To the point that when I work on friends computers anymore, I disable the AV prompts. It quarentines or cleans virus. Period. What's the point of installing an AV product if they click "ignore"?

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