Buffalo TeraStation 5400 Review

Fail over is one of the most important features that this NAS brings.  The fail over is automatic and is designed to keep things running without much interaction.  If configured, when one NAS fails, the other picks up operation

Fail Over is different to Replication. In Fail Over scenario there are at least two TeraStation present in one network but only one TeraStation can be seen as a device. The second unit is hidden but directly communicating with the first unit. So the data stored on the first is mirrored to the second immediately. The “magic” behind is the behavior of the second in case of fault of the first. As soon as the first unit disappears from the network – maybe due to power failure, network failure or whatever – the second, hidden unit appears and takes over the place from the first one. The fail over mechanism allows the second unit to act identically like the first, unavailable unit. Even the Mac-Addresses, the hostname, the IP-Addresses, the complete “personality” of the first one is taken by the second one.

Files are copied automatically from the main TeraStation to the backup TeraStation if Fail over is configured. The main TeraStation and the backup TeraStation retain the same folder configuration.

Normally, users access the main TeraStaion to share files. But, when the main TeraStation fails and cannot be accessed, the settings of the main TeraStation will be copied to the backup TeraStation and operation will automatically switch over to the backup TeraStation.


Fail over is all configured in the main TeraStaion. The password of “admin” of the backup TeraStation is required to configure fail over. The settings of the backup TeraStation cannot be changed if fail over is configured.

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